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Autor: Christian Simon

26.04.2019 | Docker |

Docker für Windows und Host Volumes

Das Container-Management System Docker ist ganz praktisch, um Dienste und Applikationen in einer kontrollierten und isolierten Umgebung laufen zu lassen. In vielen Situationen ist es außerdem hilfreich, Verzeichnisse in einem Docker Container auf ein lokales Verzeichnis mappen zu können. Speziell in Entwicklungs-Umgebungen,… mehr

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18.11.2017 | Linux |

Ändern der Zeitzone in Debian 9 (Stretch)

Seit der Veröffentlichung von Debian Version 9 (Codename „Stretch“) im Juni 2017 werden die meisten Systemadministratoren, die auf Debian als Distribution setzen, früher oder später ihre Systeme auf die neuste Version aufrüsten. Als erstes ist mir ins Auge gefallen, dass die Konfiguration… mehr

01.11.2016 | Angular |

Angular2 Internationalization (i18n)

When you build frontend interfaces for the web, you often have to provide support for different languages, locales and timezones (generally called internationalization or short i18n in computer science). With Angular2 you can use the module „ng2-translate“ to provide browser language detection… mehr

21.07.2016 | Allgemein |

illucIT Software on Maven Central

We have decided now to publish our free Software package on Maven Central under the namespace „com.illucit„. This way the packages can be used by everyone without having to declare a separate repository in Maven or SBT. This software packages also contain… mehr

05.07.2016 | Docker |

Running Docker Containers

In the article Introduction to Docker I talked about the general purpose of docker – providing a platform to run software in a controlled environment. In this article I will show how to create Docker containers from images, running Docker containers and… mehr

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28.06.2016 | Angular |

Angular2 RC3 Router

Some days ago, the new Angular2 RC3 release candidate (and also some days earlies RC2) has been released. Again, some changes were made to the Angular2 structure that everyone needs to update in their Angular2 applications to become compatible to the new version…. mehr

13.06.2016 | Angular |

Angular2 Date Pipe

In Angular2 you can use „pipes“ (in earlier versions called „filters“) to adjust data bindings to given situations. Then name comes from the „pipe symbol“ (|) that is also known from Unix/Linux command shells to manipulate data streams. In Angular 2, the… mehr

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31.05.2016 | Angular |

Basics of Reactive Events in Angular2

In this article I want to show how to use the „Reactive Events“ library RxJS to handle asynchronous event processing in AngularJS2. In many Javascripts frameworks asynchronous events are handled by either providing a callback function to be called, or be retrieving… mehr

23.05.2016 | Docker |

Introduction to Docker

In the past we often had some software (e.g. web application inside an application  server) that needed to be deployed on multiple servers, different stages (development, staging, production) and even on some machines hosted by a customer, but managed by ourselves. To… mehr

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09.05.2016 | Scala |

Scala Dependency Management with SBT

When you are building applications or libraries in the Scala programming language, you will most likely use a tool like „SBT“ (Scala Build Tool) or „Lightbend Activator“ (which is an extended distribution of SBT) to configure, build and package your project. These… mehr

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