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Showcase: Prefix Filter

Performant Prefix Filter and Search Highlighter

This is a demonstration of a multi-purpose generic data structure for efficient prefix-lookup. It makes it possible to provide auto-suggestions or filters with the capability to search for prefixes within big data sets while performing well.
Filtered 168375 of 168375
United States of America107 West Colonia-98.2652916;26.3184033
United States of America11 North-Victoria Road-FM 493 Colonia-98.0313936;26.2134069
United States of America13 1-98.0402828;26.2492392
United States of America13 North-2 West Colonia-97.9391676;26.2442397
United States of America15 1-97.9183335;26.2814611
United States of America17 1-98.0202821;26.3092375
United States of America1st, 2nd, and 3rd Street Area Colonia-97.7113861;28.4333309
United States of America665 Site Colonia-98.0333353;27.7303052
United States of America9 North-East FM 493 Colonia-98.066395;26.1153541
United States of AmericaA and E Ramirez Colonia-97.9513907;26.0953546
Key Features
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