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Employees lose up to 3.5 hours of effective working time per week

According to a recent study, German companies still have some catching up to do when it comes to digitization. The results of the study come from the company UiPath. We have summarized them for you here.


Time lost due to lack of automation.


Employees lose about three and a half hours of effective working time each week due to recurring tasks that can be automated. In addition, more than half of employees feel they perform mostly repetitive tasks (58 percent).

As a result, employees lack the time they need to devote to their core activities, such as customer care (40 percent). Accordingly, one in two employees cannot devote enough time to new tasks.

Predominantly repetitive activities, too little time for important tasks and new topics – this is what causes employee productivity to suffer.


More than half of the employees would like to see more automation in the input and management of data.


As a result, more than half of employees would like to see corresponding tasks automated (52 percent). Employees would like to see automation support in the following three areas in particular:

In entering and analyzing data (59 percent), organizing appointments (53 percent) and in the area of e-mails (43 percent).

In addition, one in two employees sees their knowledge of automation as an essential prerequisite for their professional future. Two-thirds of employees are even very interested in digitization topics such as artificial intelligence (65 percent).


International comparison: Germany has some catching up to do in terms of investment.


Some companies have already recognized the problem. According to employee statements, 39 percent of companies have invested in corresponding software. However, an international comparison shows that Germany still has some catching up to do. In countries such as India or Singapore, 51 percent and 44 percent of companies respectively have already invested in these areas.


Support for automating your processes.


Are you wondering how you can automate your processes? And which tasks waste the most of your productive working time?

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