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2022-08-02 | Productivity |

Produktivitätstechniken: Weniger Überstunden und mehr Freizeit

  Gestern noch bis spät in die Nacht gearbeitet und heute früh schon wieder unzählige Aufgaben auf der To-do-Liste? Überstunden bei wichtigen Projekten sind im Arbeitsleben ganz normal. Allerdings führen ständige Überstunden zu erheblichem Stress, welcher langfristig gesundheitliche Probleme verursachen kann. Dieser… more

2021-07-28 | Digitization |

Employees lose up to 3.5 hours of effective working time per week

According to a recent study, German companies still have some catching up to do when it comes to digitization. The results of the study come from the company UiPath. We have summarized them for you here.   Time lost due to lack… more

2021-07-20 | JavaEE |

Get the Current Transaction in Wildfly

Recently we had a problem with a broken transaction in an application running in Wildfly 20. javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException: WFLYJPA0060: Transaction is required to perform this operation (either use a transaction or extended persistence context) We were not shure which line caused the exception,… more

2019-12-10 | JavaEE |

Stackoverflow in Tomcat 8.5.49 and 9.0.29

This week we set up a developoment environment on a new PC for a JavaEE project using Tomcat 8.5 (we downloaded the recently released version 8.5.49 to be specific). We started up the IDE, deployed the WAR on a Tomcat server and… more

2019-04-26 | Docker |

Docker for Windows and Host Volumes

The container management system Docker is quite useful for running services or applications in a controlled, isolated environment. In a lot of situations it is also useful to have directories inside a docker container mapped to a local folder on the host… more

2019-02-05 | JavaEE |

WildFly 15 Bundle Database Driver And Datasource Into Application

This article describes how to bundle a database driver and the datasource configuration into an enterprise archive (EAR).  In my case I used WildFly 15 and MariaDB JDBC Client as the database driver for MySQL. The Java MySQL JDBC driver is under the GPL… more

2018-12-14 | JavaEE |

WildFly Maven Deploy

While working on automatically deploying a maven artifact to a WildFly server using the WildFly Maven Plugin, I could not find a full working example on the corresponding webpage. It took quite some time, even if it is not much code. Below… more

2018-11-29 | JavaEE |

Basic Authentication Omnifaces CombinedResourceHandler Internet Explorer Not Working

For a testing platform, we a have a typical basic authentication in front of our actual platform. The application server is a WildFly 14 with PrimeFaces as the frontend framework. In order for every JavaScript file not being downloaded separately, we also… more

2018-11-16 | Java |

Primefaces Line Chart – Browser Out Of Memory Crash

This blog post solves an error I encountered while trying to display some data in a PrimeFaces line chart graph (Version 6.2). Each time I opened the page with the graph, the Browser crashed with an “Out of Memory” message in the… more

2018-06-28 | Java |

Saxon HE External Entity Processing ( XXE )

In this article I will describe how to prevent Saxon from parsing external entities to avoid XXE attacks. Basically you should be very careful when parsing XML files from untrusted sources. Otherwise this can lead to serious security issues.