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WildFly Maven Deploy

While working on automatically deploying a maven artifact to a WildFly server using the WildFly Maven Plugin, I could not find a full working example on the corresponding webpage. It took quite some time, even if it is not much code. Below is everything you need to deploy a maven artifact to WildFly.

This is the pom.xml I use for deploying to a local WildFly server. The pom file below can also be used for a remote deploy, however. I am using WidFly 14 for the example provided below.

In order for being able to deploy to WildFly, you first have to create a new Management user by executing add-user.bat or in the bin directory of WildFly.

After that you have to store those credentials and the credentials of your maven repository in the home directory of the current user under .m2/settings.xml. In my example the artifact I am deploying is hosted on a private repository….

The ids in the settings.xml have to match the server you want to deploy to (deploy_server in my example) and the maven repository where the artifact is stored (illucit_artifactory in my example).

The pom.xml also contains a variable for the corresponding artifact version that you want to deploy ( ${artifact.version} ).

Please also replace the mentioned artifact ArtifactIWantToDeploy with your corresponding maven artifact in the example above.

After setting everything up this way, you can simply do a deploy by running the maven command below in the same directory as the pom.xml provided above.

I hope this full example can help someone save an hour or two…

If you have any question or comments, please leave a message below!

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