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Atlassian Bamboo Variable Extractor

Free Variable Extractor Tasks for Bamboo


Automatic Deployment Package Version Number Assignment

This plugin for the build tool Atlassian Bamboo provides 2 new types of tasks to extract variables from text or XML files. These extracted information can then be used later in the process e.g. by using the extracted variable to automatically set the version number for a deployment package. Without this plugin you always have to copy and paste the version number.

Creating a new Variable Extraction Task

After our plugin is installed there are new types of tasks.


You can either extract a variable from an XML file via an XPath expression or via a regular expression from a normal text file.

Configuring the Variable Extraction Task


Automatically Assigning an Extracted Version Number to a Deployment Package

Go to Edit Environment.


Press the Release versioning button.


In this screen you now are able to assign a version number from a variable that you previously extracted out of a file.

For more information please take a look at the Atlassian Marketplace



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