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ASP .NET 5 with Entity Framework 7

Adding Entity Framework 7 Packages to ASP .NET Project

Older versions of the Entity Framework need a full .NET runtime in order to work. If at some point you want to use the new .NET 5 Core e.g. to run your application on Linux etc., you should use Entity Framework 7.


A few comments regarding my project dependency setup. Of course, first of all you have to add the Entity Framework libraries as dependencies.

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ASP .NET 5 Toolchain Setup with Visual Studio 2015

During the Visual Studio installation include ASP .NET and the Microsoft Web Developer Tools


Create a new ASP .NET 5 project using Visual Studio

  1. File -> New -> Project
  2. From the templates select ASP .NET Web Applicationasp1
  3. In the next step select one of the ASP .NET 5 templatesasp2

After clicking OK the new ASP .NET project is created. This will also download and initiate the new .NET toolchain.

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